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Dr. Green's 5 Star Program

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Liquid Aeration

Try the benefits of this one-of-a-kind treatment specific to Dr. Green Lawncare!

Starting at $249 + HST

Why Use Liquid Aeration?

Increases Coverage

Traditional core aeration covers approximately 6-7% coverage to reduce soil compaction and provide space for nutrients air and water to penetrate into the soil

Less Disruption

Liquid aeration encourages a healthy soil base and a deeper, stronger root zone without disruption to soil. Which in turn provides an environment for less weeds to invade your lawn

Improves Nutrient Uptake

When the liquid penetrates the Soil its properties expand to allow oxygen, nutrients and water to get to the roots easily

Reduces Thatch

Boosts beneficial soil microbes which can help reduce thatch and enhance the plants ability to withstand environmental stresses (like extreme heat or drought)

Dr. Green's 5 Star Program 

Starting at $249 + HST

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